Pattern Course Work MATS A

Its been a year since I bought a bundle of pattern and Illustration courses from the rather excellent Make Art That Sells Blog.

I have found these courses to be very enjoyable, imparting tons of helpful industry information as well as interesting and fun, creative briefs.

Time has flown by and I have still one more course to go. Looking forward to giving it a whirl in the new year and hopefully adding a few more gems to my portfolio.

The selection of work below was created for the MATS A self paced course and shows the finished piece of each project. All work shown is available to licence.


1. Pasta Pyrex kitchen themed patterns for bolt fabric design.
I drew lots of my own vintage style pyrex pots and dishes together with pasta shapes and other Italian food stuff and kitchen utensils vnfnjsj.

2. Staffordshire pottery inspired ceramic wear for home decor.
Did lots of paintings and drawings of my collection of vintage pottery cat figurines. They are so reminiscent of the quirky Staffordshire pottery figures of old, I couldn’t resist. My finished pieces were a trio of ceramic plates.

3. Heavily patterned print design for a zipper pouch based on Collections.
I have many gorgeous plastic vintage buttons In all shapes and sizes which were fun to draw and paint. The finished piece with Its cranked up colours has a playful, kitsch feel.

4. Collaged Wall Art featuring florals and typography.

I was given only two colours red and orange as the colour palette for this project. I then set about collecting scraps of paper and card, texturising them and experimenting with marks and different medium to create a number of interesting surfaces. The process was a fun messy affair and something that i would like to take further and do more of in the future. I created two pieces, one a digital collage and the other on canvas board (which still isn’t finished or is it?).