100 Day Project 2017

This year I decided to take part in the 100 Day Project.

I participated last year and thoroughly enjoyed it so have been excited to start over for 2017.

My chosen activity this time around was to create a pattern a day based on the doodles I created in last years 100 Day Project.

Also I will be putting to good use some stray motifs I’ve had hanging around in my miscellaneous folder for awhile.

It’s quite a nice feeling revisiting past scribbles and finally seeing them come to life as fresh new patterns which was the intention all along but sometimes not everything makes the cut first time around.

I’m only half way through and behind the official timeline but I already have a few favourites which I intend to develop further and hope to create some friends to go with them. Hoping to add some more gems to my portfolio.

As always with the 100 Day Project its great to follow along on Instagram to see what others are up to.

My project can be found on #100daysofpatternbypeppy